​                             DEPOSIT GUARANTEE

 Red Oak Labrador Retrievers accepts a deposit of $200. The deposit will be credited towards the purchase price of a weaned puppy at the time of pick up. This deposit is “fully Earned” unless one of the following occurs:

  • The pregnant female aborts the planned litter
  • The pregnant female deceases prior to the birth of the litter.

When you put a deposit down for a puppy, you are getting a PICK NUMBER. A place in line to chose your puppy. This means that the people, who have put deposits on a puppy before you, get to pick their puppy out before you do. If you cannot pick a puppy for yourself, we will pick one for you using the color and gender you requested. If the planned litter does not have your color, gender or both, you will be given the option to pick from the next litter and apply your deposit to that litter or wait for a repeat breeding. 

Red Oak Labrador Retrievers