Impeccable Health and Biosecurity Practices
Due to the mutation of viruses annually and the inherent risk of exposing new born pups to harmful bacteria and other contaminants, we at Red Oak Labrador Retrievers take every precaution to ensure that our kennel is not subject to any outside contamination. We follow strict biosecurity practices: changing clothes, covering shoes with disposable booties and wearing surgical gloves when entering the whelping house and handling these newborn pups. The pups get their first vaccination series at 6 weeks of age and you will be expected to carry out their boosters at 10 and 14 weeks and sometimes 16 weeks depending on the protocol of your veterinarian.  They also have their dew claws removed and are wormed.
We understand that our clients are anxious to visit, but in the first 8 weeks we do not allow visitors to our whelping house.

Red Oak Labrador Retrievers

We understand the desire to see and hear about the progress of your new pup!  That is why we are dedicated to sharing their journey with you via email, pictures, videos and progress reports! 

The Lloyd McCord Foundation Training Program
When you purchase a puppy from Red Oak Labrador Retrievers, you are not just getting quality breeding. You are receiving a pup that has been put through a daily program of training, conditioning and imprinting that will prepare your pup mentally and physically to be his best for you in his days to come.

Each pup is started in a series of exercises that starts on day 4 of his life and continues 2 times a day until he is 8 weeks and ready for you to receive him. McCord developed his method using techniques from 3 proven programs. These exercises have been developed to build the pups immune system, develop his internal organs and to increase biddability. This program is progressive; leading to the critical time in a pups’ early life around 7 weeks of age when he is discovering himself in the world around him. This is a critical time and with McCord’s methods the pup develops confidence and learns to be fearless yet obedient. Every exercise is carried out with firm kindness and instills trust and understanding. He will be taught through praise and gentle reprimand. Each dog is exposed to many different stimuli; loud noises, bird feathers and the outdoors. They are carefully socialized with other dogs, adults and children.

Keeping true to the breed and our passion for hunting, our dogs and pups are exposed to the outdoors and well prepared for a life of bird hunting, field trials and family life. McCord always asks each client what their purpose will be for their dog. With that said, after 8 weeks of interaction and careful observation of each litter, Lloyd has the insight to help you select the puppy that would best fit you and your new best friend!