Red Oak Labrador Retrievers

We receive so many nice letters from our clients we just can't fit them all in here! Many thanks to our clients for providing happy, loving homes for our pups!

Hey Lloyd!

Just thought I would shoot you a email and give you a update on my Abby! I have had so many dogs throughout my life, I cain't even count them, but Abby is the smartest out of all of them. She learns so fast, has the best temperament, and the most personality of any dog I've ever owned. I am still so extremely pleased with her, and I'm so thankful I came across you and your wife, and got this sweet girl put in my life!


Thank you for the opportunity to share one of your bundles of joy with our family! We are excited and looking forward to all he has to offer!

The Hobson Family

Cairo is a darling pup and I already love him very much. He enjoyed the mountains, but was still too young to go on long hikes. He really loves children and gets very excited when they are around. He has also been swimming and picked it up immediately. He even retrieved sticks that i threw into the water! He has learned to sit on command and is learning down, stay, come, and leave it. He is especially good at alerting me at night when he needs to go potty. He gets along with other dogs very well. I will give updates as he continues to learn and grow!





Just a note to tell you how much we are enjoying our Lab, Andy. We have never had a dog with such a loving willingness to please. His instinctive ability along with his intelligence level has made him so easy to train that most days I'm not sure if he is not training me. He responds by voice and hand signals almost flawlessly to sit, down, here, dead bird, give, crate, and heel. He will not exit or enter his run except by command. He was a joy to dove hunt with this year. He instinctively watched the skies as the birds approached and did very well at marking them when they fell. He has a very soft mouth and a tireless effort. Based on my experiences with dogs of the past, Andy, is performing at a 4-5 year level as a nearly two year old. WE couldn't be more pleased.

Many thanks,

Craig Bailey

Big Spring, Tx

I just have to brag because I have the smartest 10 week old puppy in the world!:) I could not have asked for a better little boy. Gunny has now mastered sit, down, kennel, load up, and he loves to play fetch. He has almost mastered come and shake:) He also has not had one accident in the house, he is such a good boy because he will go to the back door and sit and on the door mat when he has to go outside. Thank you so much for all your help and for such a amazing dog. He has made a wonderful member of the family! Thanks again!


Exactly one year ago I picked up the most adorable little yellow girl in Texas. The past year has been filled with joy, surprises, laughes, and some challenges as I watched her grow up into quite the worker. And today this little girl got her first AKC title --she got a TD which stands for Tracking Dog. She was BRILLIANT and I am so proud of her. Now she can start training for a TDX (Tracking Dog Excellent). Princess and Goose you did good! You gave my little girl so much good stuff and Lloyd and Jessica, you added to the mix. Piper is one great dog and I am looking forward to doing so much fun stuff with her. It has been quite a journey already.  


Mr. McCord, I cannot thank you enough for all your help you've provided for Seger and me. We really appreciate your willingness and expertise:) We have been very pleased with Seger and will be sure to send future Lab owners your way!

Thanks again,

Meredith and Chris Lancaster

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Don't get one, Because they only know how to look at you as a pack member

and to them, that is