This guarantee includes hip & eye defects as determined by a licensed veterinarian. The sire and dam of this litter have clear eyes as validated by the Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF) and good hips as validated by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). CERF and OFA validation of both sire and dam does not preclude that puppies that they produce are free from genetic defects affecting their hips & eyes. Moreover, there is no way to guarantee, regardless of the genetic health of the parents, that any puppy will be free of any or all genetic defects. Therefore, we offer this guarantee as recourse. All puppies are sold in good faith. No dog is sold for any specific use or guarantee of performance, such as brood bitch, stud dog, show dog or field competitor. All puppies are sold with limited registration unless otherwise decided by private treaty. You are the sole responsible party for the care and maintenance of your puppy upon leaving our facility. Red Oak Labrador Retriever's will assume no financial responsibility for veterinary exams, vaccinations, treatments, diagnosis, or transportation costs. This guarantee covers genetic defects that prevent the inability of the dog to function normally as determined by a competent veterinarian. Under no circumstances should you euthanize this dog, except in the instance of traumatic accidental injury or other life-threatening situation where euthanasia is a proper alternative. Please read the remainder of this agreement regarding what to do if you choose not to keep this dog upon the finding of a genetic defect.


Your pup will have current worming, vaccinations and removal of dewclaws. You will need to continue your pup’s vaccination schedule in a timely manner with all shots required by your veterinarian. You will also need to maintain your pup on a monthly heartworm prevention beginning at the age indicated by your veterinarian. You will need to conduct a CERF submission between 12 & 24-months of age and conduct an OFA submission between 24 & 26 months of age (26 months being the latest). Any items above not adhered to by owner of said dog will void this guarantee. In addition to the items listed above, we highly recommend a flea and tick prevention program as well as a Lyme disease vaccination. Please consult your veterinarian regarding any and all issues of healthcare for your dog.


All Red Oak Labrador Retriever's sires and Dams are OFA validated.  However, this does not preclude that your puppy will be free of hereditary hip problems, including arthritis, dysplasia, and other disease. As noted above, a 24-month hip submission will need to be conducted for this guarantee to be enforced. OFA is the final and only authority on the state of your dog's hips. The guarantee-replacement process will begin only after the dog is rated any level of dysplasia at the 24-26-month OFA submission.


The sire and dam of this litter are CERF clear. However, this does not preclude that your puppy will be free of hereditary eye problems. Accidental damage to your dog’s eye can prevent your dog from a CERF clear status and therefore will not be covered by the guarantee. Your dog's eye evaluation must be submitted as noted above. CERF is the final and only authority on the state of your dog’s eyes. The guarantee process will begin only if the dog is rated NON-CLEAR at your 12-24 month CERF submission.


All items mentioned in the above paragraphs must be adhered to by the owner of the dog. This guarantee is non-transferable to any party. This guarantee can be enforced by the original owner providing that this individual has owned the dog from the time it was purchased from Red Oak Labrador Retrievers to the time the guarantee is being enforced. Any attempt to enforce this guarantee must be conducted in writing via overnight or certified mail, or any mail carrier with tracking. Phone calls are welcome; however, the date of the original claim must be verified by communications in writing. The dog must be under 26 months of age at the time of any claim. I must be notified within 7 days of any finding of genetic defects. Under no condition, other than life threatening injury, will the dog be euthanized. If you are considering euthanasia for any reason other than life threatening injury you must contact me immediately.


If your dog is found to have a covered defect, please do the following: Notify me immediately by phone and by email. Then send notice in writing via mail with tracking. Our veterinarian will review the findings at my expense. If my veterinarian disagrees with the original diagnosis, I will submit, at my expense, the findings to a third veterinarian. The third opinion will determine weather the original findings are valid. If they are found to be valid by any of the above actions, the claim is then grounds for enforcement of this guarantee. If the claim is for a defect validated by OFA or CERF, please submit a copy of the appropriate findings for my files. Any claim for hip or eye defects as defined above is grounds for enforcement of this guarantee. Claims are not considered valid until the owner has followed the process outlined in this agreement and adhered to the stipulations stated herein.


You must provide me proof of spaying or neutering by a qualified and licensed veterinarian. Upon receipt of this proof, a replacement puppy will be provided at the first available litter of the same or similar quality breeding. All transportation and travel costs belong to the original buyer. Again, under no condition other than life threatening injury, should the dog be euthanized. If the injury does force the dog to be euthanized, proof will need to be furnished in the form of a letter and medical records from the certified and licensed veterinarian that preformed the euthanasia.



Lloyd McCord

Red Oak Labrador Retrievers

Red Oak Labrador Retrievers